Super Bowl commercial

Commercial 1:

  1. The purpose of the video was to promote the car/brand Jeep. It was to show the pros for what a Jeep Wrangler can do and what it has to offer.
  2. There was only one viewpoint to this commercial and it is to show how good Jeeps are in the forest and how its a 4×4 car.
  3. It was very good at getting the audiences attention by using Jurassic Park and being dramatic and using the actors from Jurassic Park.

Commercial 2: 

  1. The purpose of the video was to be funny with Alexa and say she lost her voice and use celebrities as her voice in her situations.
  2. There was one viewpoint and it was showing how different people discovered her voice changing and how funny it was in the moment.
  3. It was very good at grabbing the audiences attention by using the celebrities and making funny comments for when someone asks Alexa something.

Commercial 3:

  1. The purpose of this video was to promote not only a movie but a new car from Lexus.
  2. There was one viewpoint and it was showing how Black panther had to do some hero stuff and got there very fast in the new Lexus LS 500.
  3. It was very good at grabbing the attention in the audience by using a very good movie character and promoting the car and the movie Black Panther.

Social Issue Research Topic

What is your social issue?

Should the wall along the southern border of America be built?

Why is it such a social issue?  What do people disagree about in relation to this topic?

This topic is a social issue because it brings a lot of different point of views. This topic is very sensitive for many people. America is burning bridges with other countries but instead why should be building bridges and become more and more of a diverse nation.

What is your proposed solution?  Why do you think this is the best solution?

I think the best solution for this problem is to keep the fence. Building a wall will not only be hurting Mexicans but its also hurting Americans. A fence already did damage to both countries, building a wall will cause more problems.

What are pros to your solution?

pros to this solution is that America wont be losing land and we wont loss Mexico completely for trade. Second people who live on the border aren’t giving up their land for the wall. This will also be every cheap the wall would cost almost a billion dollars but if you keep the fence and just fix some of it it can cost millions of dollars cheaper.

What are cons to your solution?

Many people think it wont keep the drugs and trafficking out and wont stop the issue. Many people also think more and more immigrants will come to American undocumented. People think this will do nothing but cause more problems for the United States.

Any questions to your audience members for help on your topic?

Do you disagree or agree that America should build a wall along the southern border?

Social Issues In The United States

The president has made a topic boom in the past couple of months about building a wall around the southern border of the United States. The border would run 1,900 miles along the border and prevent illegal goods and people entering the U.S.. There was a poll that asked many Americans “Should U.S. build a wall along the southern border?” With the results of this poll 56% said yes, you should build a wall but then 44% said no, you should not build a wall. With that 49% said only said yes, 6% said the border should be high tech surveillance barrier and not just a physical one and 2% said Mexico should pay for the wall to be built. On the other hand, 34% said no, 6% this would be too costly and ineffective, 3% this would increase the military presence along the southern border and lastly, 1% we should adopt and open border policy.  89% of Democrats say no to building a wall along the border. While 87% Republicans say, yes build the wall along the southern border.


Thanksgiving is coming up and there is a lot to be thankful for. Some people I’m very thankful for are my friends and some family. I’m thankful for god and blessed that I’m healthy and living a beautiful life. One person I’m thankful for is my friends. They have been there for me when no one else was. I’ve been through so much they have been there to make sure i don’t fall. They have accepted me for who i am and everything that i have done that was bad. They have loved me since day one. Another person I’m thankful for is my boyfriend. He showed me how to trust someone again. With everything I’ve been through he never gave up on me and he makes me very happy with myself. he is such a beautiful blessing that came into my life. Not only is he my boyfriend but my best friend. He showed me whats it like to feel loved and show me that their is a beautiful side of me. He treats me like gold and i appreciate all the little things he does for me. I’ll forever be grateful for him. I’m also very thankful for my pets. which may be weird but they have been so loving. Growing up with them has been the light in my life. They never fail to make me laugh when they do something funny or make my heart melt when they just come and cuddle with you or going on car rides with them and buy them all a puppuccino’s from Starbucks or taking them on hikes in the woods with you in the early mornings. I’m beyond grateful for them being the light in my life.

Exciting Current News

These animals in the LifeLine Animal Project’s Atlanta-area animal shelter will be going to a loving family for Thanksgiving. They will be getting fed a delicious feast with a thankful family. They will spend a week in a home for the holiday as special guest with toys, food, support and the love they deserve. This gives these dogs an opportunity to be adopted and have a forever home.

This article spreads positivity in the news because you’ll always be hearing bad news and sad news. When do we ever hear positive news? Never. This article brings the good in people. Also this act of loving for the animals brings the love out in people. Animals actually change people in the way the act, they make us very happy.

Im speechless on this whole thing. This makes me absolutely happy and warms my heart. We are all coming together to give these loving animals a place for the holidays. We are giving them a chance to be adopted. One of my dogs is a recuse and seeing this just makes my heart happy. We are finally giving them the second chance they all deserve. No one would like to spend the holidays alone and letting the dogs spend time with a loving family in a warm beautiful home with amazing food is beautiful. Whoever thought of this idea should receive an award on being the the most kindhearted person. I hope we see more of this kind of act happening over the country